Brother BES4 Dream Edition Upgrade Power Pack 3 Software SABES4UG3 -Templates Upgrade for Customized Repeats of Basic Layouts


You Must Already Own BES4 Software!

  • Embroidery and Lettering Software
  • Unlock the template wizard in BES 4‡
  • Enjoy built-in template themes

Unleash your creative potential with the Templates Power Pack Add-On! This collection of customization tools and design templates is the ideal addition to your BES 4 Dream Edition software set. Whether you’re looking to create unique embroideries for the holiday season, sew something lovely for a very special birthday present, or create unforgettable home décor for your next big sporting event, this device can help. You can add text and edit it quickly and easily, making fun and unique designs that your family and friends will adore. Edit the design size or change the thread color before you stitch for a singular creation that’s all your own. There are even themed designs you can digitize and resize to fit your specific layout, making them bigger or smaller as needed. Embroidery has never been easier, or more fun!


The Templates Power Pack Add-On for BES 4 unlocks a whole new world of template designs and customizing tools.

Personalize layouts, edit text easily and enjoy built-in themes for a wide variety of events such as birthdays, holidays or seasons, sports, weddings etc

Enjoy template built in themes
Babies, birthdays, sewing and crafts, holiday and seasons, sports, weddings, and more!

Unlock the template wizard
each template features design elements to personalize your layout. Within the wizard, you are able to set design size, edit text, select embroidered accents plus change thread colors to create a custom project.

Elements for customization
Make your projects unique by selecting themed designs and specialty accent elements. Each template has themed elements you may select; digitized, to fit the template layout.

Workspace tools
ACCESS ALL THE CUSTOMIZING TOOLS IN BES 4 SOFTWARE Tools include add text, create a patch or appliqué, and update fills & thread colors.


Main Features

  • Compatible With: SABESLET4, XP1, XV8500D, XV8550D, PRS100, PR1050X, PR655, PR1000e, PR670E, NV6750D, NV6700D, NV6000D, VM6200D, VM5100, VE2200, NQ3500D, NQ1400E, NS2750D, NS1100E, VM5200, VE2300



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