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Brother  Luminaire XP2 Sewing, Embroidery & Quilting Combo Machine 

You Should Expect to Discover

  • An Industry First Industry-Changing feature like nothing you’ve seen before
  • Fastest, quietest, smartest, biggest, and brightest machine to date!
  • Plus Even more on Screen Design Center Capabilities, all without the use of a computer
  • Plus the Largest workspace and embroidery area in the industry
  • A Disney Design Capable Machine
  • Premium 25/6/2 Warranty

    Sewing technology has just gone from light years ahead to light years beyond. Presenting the Luminaire 2 Innov-is XP2. Brilliant new quilting innovations and app based features available from your mobile devices, allow you to find perfection in every stitch.
  • New Disney design on the face plate

    Embroidery Features:
  • New hexagon shape for auto split of sash features: 5 new designs
  • 2-color quilting sash: 5 new designs
  • New quilting sash patterns
  • Triple stitches option for quilting sash patterns: option to select the single or triple stitch for quilt sash patterns (same function as thickness of decorative fill on MDC)
  • Shorter length embroidery BH patterns
  • Easy decorative fill stitching in embroidery mode
  • Enhancement in random shift
  • 400% magnifier
  • Option for magnifying feature
  • Option to extract the outline
  • Saving the scanned image for My Design Center

    Sewing and Quilting Features:
    • End point setting function for sewing: detects the mark of the sticker using the built-in camera. After the camera detects the sticker, you will see the black circle shade over the sticker
  • Revolutionary StitchVision Technology
    • Enjoy StitchVision Technology, a revolutionary system for virtually perfect stitch positioning and more precise previews via an intelligent projection of light. Preview and edit stitches and embroidery designs directly on your fabric in a 5" x 3" virtual preview area
  • Enhanced InnovEye Plus Technology
    • It's like having a built-in camera and scanner! The ability to scan the entire embroidery area provides virtually endless creative options and helps ensure that all your projects are perfect.

    End Point Sewing Function
    • Utilizing the built-in camera-like feature in the InnovEye Plus Technology, you can now stop your stitch in the perfect place by just placing the Snowball End Point Sewing Sticker on your project.

    Auto-Split of Large Quilting Sashes
    • Easily connect patterns for beautiful quilt borders! Choose the size of your border, and the size of your hoop and the Luminaire 2 will automatically split the design in multiple hoopings - saving you time and effort for a seamless sewing experience.

    Guideline and grid markers
    • Use the StitchVision Technology to project a guideline marker line and a guideline marker grid on your fabric, offering you the option of single, double, angled, or grid lines to light your path with precision. This technology projects a full grid of bright and adjustable guidelines for use when creating multiple rows of stitches, parallel stitching, pin tucks, hems, curtain rod pockets, decorative stitches, cross hatch quilting, or smocking.

    Large 10 5/8" x 16" embroidery area
    • Make your projects larger than life with the new 10 5/8" X 16" frame, the largest that Brother currently offers. This sizable frame has efficient rubber plates on both sides of the inner frame to hold fabric securely. Additional frames include 4" x 4", 5" x 7" and 9.5" x 9.5" sizes.

    Spring Lever Release
    • An ergonomic Spring Lever Release enables easier, clamp free hooping. Simply place your fabric in the hoop and engage the lever.

    65 square inches of workspace – 13.1" needle to arm
    • Experience the comfort of sewing on 65 square inches of workspace, the largest of any Brother machine. With the 13.1" needle to arm span, projects of any size are easily managed. A dream for any sewer, embroiderer, crafter, or quilter, with the ability to accommodate a rolled king-sized quilt.

    Built-in embroidery pointer
    • Displaying a ‘T’ mark in three different colors, the pointer can show the center of your embroidery design as well as the needle drop position on the fabric.

    Large 10.1" built-in high-definition LCD display with capacitive technology
    • The simple and intuitive 10.1" capacitive touch screen works like a tablet with familiar sliding, swiping, scrolling, and pinch-to-zoom for viewing detailed steps, categories, and designs. The user interface offers large, defined crystal-clear icons, and color navigation for easy viewing.

    Expandable Library of Built-in Tutorials
    • Explore 43 enhanced tutorial videos directly on the high-definition LCD display – with everything from basic operations to embroidery functions.

    One action needle plate
    • Allows for needle plate changes without the use of a screwdriver, saving you time and effort for a seamless sewing experience.

    Echo quilting
    • Surround any embroidery with beautiful echo stitches. The echo designs follow the contour of the original embroidery and expand outwards, with adjustable spacing to help you customize your designs down to the last detail.

    My Stitch Monitor Mobile App
    • Enable wireless LAN connectivity between your PC and the Luminaire 2 to keep track of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor mobile app on your iOS and AndroidTM device. Walk away from your machine and receive convenient notifications via your mobile device when you need to change threads or if your project has finished stitching.


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