Brother SE2000: Your Ultimate Sewing and Embroidery Companion

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  • Step into boundless creativity with the Brother SE2000, your exemplar for exceptional sewing and embroidery integration, marrying technology and artistry.

    Experience the reliability of the Brother SE2000

    Harness the exceptional dual-functionality of the Brother SE2000—combining sewing and embroidery in one dynamic machine. This versatile gadget is tailored for both beginners and seasoned users who aim to level up their crafting journey.

    With the Brother SE2000's wireless connectivity, you can easily transfer your unique designs from your PC to your machine, streamlining your creative process.

    Capitalize on the comprehensive features of the Brother SE2000, from its wireless connectivity to built-in embroidery designs and sewing stitches. The machine fosters explorative creativity, transforming stitchwork from conventional to absolutely dazzling.

    Combining sewing and embroidery in one machine

    The Brother SE2000 is effectively turning two worlds into one. This machine effortlessly fuses sewing and embroidery functions, opening up a plethora of creative opportunities for craft enthusiasts.

    It's a seamless merge of artistry and functionality. By harmoniously combining the crafts of sewing and embroidery, the Brother SE2000 sets the stage for unique, intricate designs, and exceptional creations.

    Create stunning embroidery designs with ease

    Unleash your inner artist effortlessly with the Brother SE2000, a fusion of precision technology and creative freedom. It's your creative playground that transforms ideas into remarkable embroidery designs with simplicity and style.

    Envisioning and executing eye-catching embroidery patterns is a breeze with the Brother SE2000. Its comprehensive feature set ensures you can transform fabrics into stunning works of art with minimum effort and maximum enjoyment.

    Wireless convenience for seamless design transfer

    Harness the convenience of wireless design transfer with the Brother SE2000, delivering an integrated crafting experience by transferring your unique designs seamlessly from your PC.

    Easily manage and transport your embroidery designs utilizing the free and user-friendly Design Database Transfer software, making creative process undisturbed and effortless with the Brother SE2000.

    Send embroidery files from your PC to the SE2000 wirelessly

    Experience the seamless design transfer with Brother SE2000. This feature allows you to wirelessly send embroidery patterns from your PC directly to the SE2000, merging technology and creativity in a unique crafting experience.

    • Wireless LAN-enabled for easy file transfer
    • Uses Design Database Transfer software for efficient data management
    • No USB required for transmitting designs
    • Compatibility with the Brother iBroidery platform
    • Simplified crafting process with integrated PC-to-machine design transfer

    Easy data management with Design Database Transfer

    Managing your unique designs is made effortless with Brother SE2000’s Design Database Transfer. This feature allows you to transport your embroidery designs from your PC directly to your machine sans the trouble of using a USB.

    • Facilitates efficient and smooth design process by wireless transfer of data
    • Eliminates the need for a USB for data transfer
    • Quick and easy data management for all your designs and projects.

    Unleash your creativity with the Artspira App

    Unleash your artistic side with the Artspira App in the SE2000. Transform simple drawings to intricate sewing pieces on-the-go, turning creativity into reality with a seamless process that speaks to your inner artist.

    The Artspira App sets the stage for your creative endeavors with the SE2000. It draws in the innovator in you, crafting unique embroidery patterns that uplift your embroidery journey and define your style.

    Design embroidery patterns with the Artspira App

    Your creative embroidery ideas can be brought to life with the Brother SE2000's Artspira App. This intuitive app allows for design personalization, expanding your crafting capabilities beyond ordinary limits.

    With the SE2000's Artspira App, embroidery creations are as endless as your imagination. Customize your patterns, draw and transfer unique designs, turning every piece into a personal masterpiece.

    Draw and transfer custom designs wirelessly

    Revolutionize your computerized embroidery game with the SE2000's wireless custom design transfer. This innovative feature lets you sketch unique patterns on your mobile device and sends them effortlessly to your machine.

    No more struggling to turn your design inspirations into reality. With wireless design transfer on the SE2000, your creative journey just became smoother, boosting your efficiency at a speedy 850 spm.

    Versatile sewing options for endless possibilities

    With 241 built-in sewing stitches, 10 styles of one-step buttonholes and a My Custom Stitch feature, the SE2000 is equipped to guide your creativity to great heights. These built-in features offer an unlimited wealth of choices for any sewing project.

    The creative journey offered by the SE2000's variety in sewing options empowers tailor-made creations from home decor to upcycling apparel. With these versatile sewing options, your projects can truly reflect your personal style and taste.

    built-in sewing stitches and 10 styles of one-step buttonholes

    Embrace the wealth of sewing stitches that the Brother SE2000 has to offer. With 241 installed, you can embark on any project with confidence, as the machine's versatile stitch selection ensures a perfect stitch for any design.

    Transform your fashion pieces with the SE2000's array of built-in embroidery designs. Allow your creativity to flourish with 193 unique options, empowering you to add a professional touch of customization to any garment.

    Give your buttonholes a flawless finish with the SE2000's ten styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes. With ease and precision, each buttonhole is consistent, enhancing the effectiveness of your designs while halving your effort.

    My Custom Stitch feature for personalized creations

    Awaken your creativity with the SE2000's My Custom Stitch feature. This unique element allows you to create and save custom stitches, balancing functionality with personal flair.

    Personalizing your creations comes without hassle, thanks to the SE2000's unique stitch feature. It provides unparalleled versatility, making your designs distinctively yours.

    The SE2000's My Custom Stitch feature opens doors for individual expression. Introduce a touch of your personality into every design as you delve into the art of stitch formation with this personalized capability.

    Maximize your workspace for larger embroidery projects

    Dabble with larger, bolder designs effortlessly with the Brother SE2000, offering a generous 5" x 7" workspace for your grand embroidery stints.

    Whether you need a sprawling canvas for intricate designs or simply want to tackle bigger projects, the steadfast SE2000 bestows you with an expansive, versatile workspace.

    Advanced Needle Threading System

    The SE2000 takes the frustration out of threading needles with its advanced needle threading system. No more squinting or struggling to get the thread through the eye of the needle - the SE2000 does it for you, saving you time and frustration.

    Automatic Thread Cutter for seamless sewing

    The SE2000 is equipped with an automatic thread cutter, eliminating the need for scissors or manual cutting. This feature allows for seamless sewing, saving you time and ensuring a professional finish to your projects.

    Fast Sewing Speed up to 850 stitches per minute

    With a sewing speed of up to 850 stitches per minute, the SE2000 lets you complete your projects in no time. Whether you're sewing a simple garment or working on a more intricate design, the SE2000's fast sewing speed ensures efficient and timely completion.

    Wireless LAN for convenient data transfer

    The SE2000 is equipped with wireless LAN capabilities, allowing for easy data transfer from your PC to your machine. No need for USB cables or complicated setups - simply connect wirelessly and transfer your embroidery designs effortlessly.

    Artspira App for on-the-go creativity

    Download the Artspira App and unleash your creativity on the go. With an array of patterns and cut data, as well as the ability to create embroidery patterns by drawing on your mobile device, the Artspira App gives you the freedom to create wherever inspiration strikes.

    Design Database Transfer for easy data management

    Manage all your embroidery designs with ease using the Design Database Transfer

    Spacious 5" x 7" embroidery area

    The Brother SE2000 invites you to dream big with its expansive 5" x 7" embroidery field. Ideal for larger designs, it allows your creative visions to bloom without boundaries.

    Working with this generous space maximizes your productivity, making the SE2000 the ultimate machine for ambitious embroidery projects. Welcome oversized prints or delicate patterns in a single, smooth pass.

    Imagine possibilities made real with the SE2000's spacious work area. Providing you with more room to maneuver, it pushes the limits of machine-embroidery, amplifying your output and design versatility.

    " LCD color display for easy editing

    The Brother SE2000 is not just a powerhouse of sewing and embroidery functionalities; it comes equipped with a clear 3.7" LCD color display that provides an ultimate editing comfort. It provides an intuitive, user-friendly space for on-screen edits, letter editing, and design combination.

    It's a breeze to oversee your project in real time, make necessary adjustments, or experiment with different designs with the SE2000's LCD color display. This feature makes it incredibly easy to maneuver around your project, saving you time while increasing precision.

    No embroidery project is too big or complex for the Brother SE2000. Its backlit LCD color display is indispensable for any sewing enthusiast seeking easy project editing. It illuminates your work area, ensuring intricate details are well highlighted for proper adjustment.

    Compatibility with Brother magnetic hoop for added versatility

    Boost your embroidery versatility substantially with the SE2000, thanks to its compatibility with Brother's magnetic hoop. This compatibility enhances project execution allowing for more design flexibility.

    Explore new embroidery possibilities with the SE2000. Its compatibility with the Brother magnetic hoop expands your design options and brings your creativity to life in an exciting and innovative way.

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