Durkee SturdiFrame Embroidery Frame 14"X14" For Brother PR 10 Needle And Babylock 10 Needle

Sale price$ 189.95


No Hoop Pop-Off

No Hoop Burn

Less Stress On Fingers and Hands

Uare Friendly


These Frames are constructed of 3/16" anodized aluminum with stainless steel brackets to attach the frames to the machine arms.

The 14"X14" (sewing field) and is to be attached to the A arms of a 10 Needle machine.

The frame will be recognized by the machine as the Extra Large Hoop.

Simply apply sticky backing to the underside of the SturdiFrame and slide the frame brackets into the appropiate arms of your 10 needle machine. Then just float th eitem to be embroidered onto the frame, press down to adhere the fabric to the backing and stitch.

Christmas Stocking Using Durkee EZ Frames on Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine from Brent Taylor on Vimeo.

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