NEW Daylight "Twist 2 Go" Rechargeable Lamp

Sale price$ 100.99


 With up to 8 hours of consistent and continuous brightness, illuminate your space wherever you are with the rechargeable Twist 2 Go lamp.

Easy to grip and carry around, the daylight LEDs provide high contrast and accurate color matching, making it easier and less tiring to read, work and carry out everyday tasks. The Easy Twist Shade™ shade allows the light to be positioned exactly where you need it.



Twist 2 Go Product information

Weight 2lbs

Color Teal/White

Cable length 5ft

Adapter Plug-in USB

Cable USB-C

Battery Internal lithium

Packaging information Height 14” Width 5” Depth 4.5”

Packed weight 3lbs

Products per master carton 8

Light output- 3

Light source LED

Brightness Levels 3

Lux Levels at 12” 1,500 / 1,000 / 600 Max.

Lux at 12” 1,500 Max.

Lumens 350

Color temperature 6,000K

CRI - 95+

Energy consumption 5W


• Rechargeable lamp with up to 8 hours of consistent and continuous brightness

• Lightweight, foldable and compact

• 3 brightness levels

• USB adapter and cable included

• Battery power level indicator

• Daylight 6,000K and 95+ CRI to see colors accurately


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