Ditto Pattern Projector: Say Goodbye to Paper Patterns

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  • Ditto Pattern Projector: Say Goodbye to Paper Patterns

    Say goodbye to the hassle of paper patterns and hello to Ditto Pattern Projector, the ultimate tool for crafters and sewers. With its ability to project patterns onto a variety of materials, customize digital designs, and increase sustainability by eliminating physical pattern collections, Ditto is revolutionizing the sewing industry. Get ready for quick set-up, precise accuracy, and endless design and style options with access to an exclusive app and pattern library. Start your patterning journey today with Ditto!

    What is a Ditto Pattern Projector?

    The era of paperless patterns is finally here with Ditto Pattern Projector! This tool projects your customized digital pattern onto fabric, making it easier and faster than ever before to create the perfect fit for every body type. With the included projector, cutting mat, rotary cutter, mount hardware, weights and more, you can set up in minutes and get started on your DIY project right away. Plus, with access to exclusive ditto app and patterns through www.DittoPatterns.com, the design possibilities are endless!

    Transforming Patterning into Creative Simplicity

    Effortlessly project and trace patterns onto fabrics with the Ditto pattern projector. Say goodbye to tedious paper patterns and hello to creative simplicity. With Ditto, creating precise and accurate designs is easy, eliminating guesswork in sizing. Plus, the customizable digital patterns ensure a perfect fit for every body type without wasting time on alterations. Don't waste any more time pinning or chalking - launch your DIY projects with Ditto in just minutes!

    What's Included in the Box

    The Ditto pattern projector unit makes patterning a breeze with its quick and easy set-up. In the box, you'll find everything you need including an AC adapter and power cord, user manual, and quick start guide. Check out what's included below:

    • Ditto pattern projector unit
    • AC adapter and power cord
    • User manual
    • Quick start guide

    Workspace Requirements

    For optimal projection visibility, workspace requirements for the Ditto pattern projector include a flat and stable surface to place the projector on, as well as clear space around the area for easy movement of materials while projecting. Additionally, a dark room or environment is necessary to create an ideal projection experience. With these simple yet essential requirements fulfilled, crafters can easily set up their Ditto pattern projector and get started on creating custom designs in minutes.

    Digital Pattern Library

    Shop a vast library of digital patterns from Ditto's website. With new patterns added every month, you'll have infinite design options at your fingertips. Easily download new projects directly from your computer and customize them to fit your body perfectly.

    • Access thousands of sewing patterns online
    • New patterns added monthly
    • Customizable designs for the perfect fit

    Benefits of Ditto Pattern Projector

    Crafters and sewers, say goodbye to the hassle of paper patterns with Ditto Pattern Projector. This tool offers a quick and accurate way to create designs on various materials, making it perfect for DIY projects. With Ditto, you can benefit from increased sustainability as all patterns are digital, saving boxes of paper patterns from cluttering your workspace. Additionally, creating customized perfect fits for every body type is made easy because the patterns are made specifically to your measurements!

    Increased Sustainability

    With Ditto pattern projector, you can eliminate the need for paper patterns and reduce waste and environmental impact. The digital patterns are customizable to fit your body perfectly, saving money on paper pattern printing while also promoting sustainability. It's a win-win situation that benefits both you and the environment!

    Perfect Fit, for Every Body

    The Ditto pattern projector accurately projects patterns onto any size or shape of fabric, ensuring consistency in sizing and proportions. This makes it easy to achieve the perfect fit for every body type. Plus, with the ability to make easy adjustments, you can customize digital patterns to fit your measurements perfectly without any guesswork. With Ditto's precision and accuracy, you'll enjoy a seamless sewing experience that saves time while delivering professional-quality results.

    Pattern Library

    With thousands of sewing patterns to choose from, it's easy to get inspired and excited about your next DIY project. You also have the option to purchase additional pattern collections online, and with 'try before you buy', sample patterns are included for you to test out before committing. Say goodbye to paper patterns and hello to convenience with Ditto!

    Create Your Own Designs

    With Ditto pattern projector, you can project your designs directly onto fabric for tracing or cutting out. This saves time and is more accurate than traditional paper patterns. Additionally, the USB connectivity feature allows you to import your own designs quickly and easily. Adjusting design scale and orientation is also a breeze with Ditto, allowing for endless possibilities in creating your own unique designs. Say goodbye to frustrating paper patterns with Ditto's innovative technology.

    Quick and Easy Set-Up & Use

    No complicated assembly required – simply plug in and start projecting! The Ditto pattern projector is designed with the user in mind, allowing for quick and easy set-up without any tools or experience needed.

    Includes a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls. Once you've set up your workspace, using the Ditto app is a breeze. With simple navigation and clear instructions, creating custom patterns has never been easier.

    Durable construction ensures long-lasting use. Crafters can trust that the Ditto pattern projector will withstand frequent use thanks to its sturdy build quality and reliable performance over time.

    • Easy plugandplay setup
    • Userfriendly app interface
    • Durable construction for longlasting use

    Saves You Time

    Save time and eliminate the hassle of traditional patterning methods with Ditto pattern projector. This revolutionary tool offers crafters and sewers the ability to quickly project patterns onto fabrics, eliminating the need for paper patterns. Say goodbye to hours spent pinning, cutting, and chalking on fabric - Ditto saves you time by compressing hours into minutes.


    • No more paper patterns
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Eliminates traditional patterning methods
    • Projects designs accurately onto fabric


    Projects patterns with pinpoint precision, eliminates errors caused by manual pattern transfers, and ensures consistent and accurate results every time. The Ditto Pattern Projector takes the guesswork out of patterning and offers crafters a more efficient way to create perfect designs on various materials. Here are some of the benefits of using Ditto for your DIY projects:

    • Pinpoint precision projection technology
    • Eliminates errors caused by manual pattern transfers
    • Ensures consistent and accurate results every time



    What is a ditto pattern projector?

    A Ditto pattern projector is a tool that allows crafters and sewers to project digital patterns onto fabric, eliminating the need for paper patterns. It also offers the ability to customize patterns to fit individual body types and create unique designs. The projector comes with a cutting mat, rotary cutter, fabric weights, pattern target stickers, and access to the Ditto app and pattern library. Setting up the projector is quick and easy, and it offers increased sustainability by reducing the need for physical pattern collections. With precision and accuracy, the Ditto pattern projector saves time and creates a custom fit for every body type, making it the perfect tool for DIY projects.


    How does a ditto pattern projector work?

    A Ditto pattern projector works by projecting digital patterns onto fabric, allowing for quick and accurate cutting and sewing. The projector is set up in a workspace with a flat surface and good Wi-Fi signal, and the user connects to the Ditto app on their tablet or smartphone. The app contains a library of digital patterns, which can be customized to fit the user's body measurements. The projector then projects the pattern onto the fabric, and the user can use the included cutting mat, rotary cutter, and fabric weights to cut out the pattern pieces. This process eliminates the need for physical paper patterns, and allows for easy customization and sustainability.


    What are the benefits of using a ditto pattern projector?

    Using a Ditto pattern projector offers numerous benefits for crafters and sewers. Firstly, it allows you to project your pattern directly onto fabric, eliminating the need for paper patterns. Secondly, using digital patterns means you can easily customize designs to fit your body perfectly, resulting in a custom fit for every body type. Additionally, Ditto allows you to create your own designs quickly and easily, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity. The setup is quick and easy, and Ditto is sustainable, as there are no physical patterns to accumulate. Ditto patterns are available digitally, with new patterns added every month, providing access to thousands of patterns. Using Ditto also saves you a lot of time, compressing hours into minutes by eliminating the need for pinning, paper, or chalking. Lastly, Ditto is very precise, giving you accurate cuts with confidence. With Ditto, you can transform your sewing experience into a journey of creative simplicity.



  • Ditto is transforming the world’s oldest sewing problem of patterning into a journey of creative simplicity.

    In the box you will receive a projector, set up beam, 36x24 inch cutting mat, rotary cutter, fabric weights (4), pattern target stickers, power cord, and cord covers.

    Workspace should be a flat area with a minimum width of 37 in x 25 in with the best possible Wi-Fi signal and a power outlet within 10 ft.

    Fits in any room with a flat ceiling and a height of 7.5 ft – 10 ft.

    Patterns are available digitally through www.DittoPatterns.com for individual purchase or subscription. New patterns are added every month!

    You will need a tablet (recommended) or smartphone to connect to the Ditto app.



    Sustainability (+)


    Boxes and boxes of patterns. Since everything is digital, you no longer need to add more to that collection. Just Ditto and go.


    Perfect Fit, for Every Body (+)


    You get a custom fit that is made for your body. Ditto patterns are made to your measurements which take out the guesswork of sizing.


    Pattern Library (+)


    There are just so many choices! It’s actually quite easy to get inspired and excited with thousands of sewing patterns to choose from.


    Create Your Own Designs (+)


    You think you want ruffles, or maybe another pocket, perhaps flaring out those pants a bit more. With Ditto, it’s fast and easy.


    It’s Quick and Easy to Set-Up & Use (+)


    In minutes you can go from box opening to patterning nirvana. No tools or engineering degrees needed.


    Saves You Time (+)


    It’s kind of like magic. Using Ditto compresses hours into minutes. No more pinning, paper or chalking.


    Accuracy (+)


    It’s precise. Very precise. Once you’ve calibrated your Ditto machine, you can cut with confidence.

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