Fil-Tec Prewound Clear Glide Plastic Sided Class 15 Embroidery Bobbins - 80 Bobbins - Style A White

Sale price$ 45.00



Fil-Tec Plastic Sided Machine Embroidery Bobbins Part No: 13305
Class 15 / Style A - 60wt - White
Compatible With Brother SA-156 Bobbins
80 Bobbins - 135 yds/Bobbin

Fil-Tec is pleased to announce the availability of the "Clear-Glide" bobbin. Clear-Glide is the sister product of the very successful "Magna-Glide" bobbin. Clear-Glide is a high-tenacity polyester filament bobbin wound on a plastic flanged spool. This bobbin is designed for home sewing (drop-in) machines. Clear-Glide uses the same high quality poly yarn as Magna-Glide and will provide the operator with more stitches per bobbin which results in fewer bobbin changes. Each lint-free bobbin provides uniform tension, and the plastic sides will not bend.  Works great with machine thread sensors. Plastic bobbin not affected by humidity or oil. No uneven tension caused by distorted paper sides. More stitches per bobbin, saves you time.   Available in a wide range of colors.

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