FilTec 13330 Clear Quilt Prewound Class 15/A Plastic WHITE Bobbins

Sale price$ 49.00


*(comparable to Brothers SA156)

*80x140 Yards of 60wt Cotton Thread for Quilting

Clear-Quilt is a 100% mercerized cotton ready wound bobbin that is designed for quality quilting and piecing applications.
Long Staple 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton Thread Prewound on Class 15 Plastic Bobbins White (Box of 80) Quilting and Piecing

  • Consists of Egyptian long-staple fiber which creates a high luster seam appearance.
  • Washable and colorfast.
  • Available in popular colors so you can spend more time quilting and not winding bobbins.
  • Clear Plastic flange bobbin works great with thread sensors so the operator knows when the bobbin yarn is about ready to run out.
  • Offers significantly more stitches or yds per bobbin than machine wound bobbins.
  • Each box contains 80 loose bobbins.


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