Brother Disney Frozen Embroidery Thread Kit 1,100 yards ETPFROZ124 -24spool

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 The new Brother Frozen Embroidery Thread Kit comes with 24 spools with 1,100 yards of 100% polyester, color fast, mini-king threads of select colors to embroider many of your favorite Frozen characters like Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff. Plus, save $15 at with an enclosed coupon.


  • White ETP001
  • Sky Blue ETP019
  • Linen ETP307
  • Cream Yellow ETP812
  • Vermillion – ETP030
  • Khaki ETP348
  • Black ETP900
  • Light Blue ETP017
  • Lavender ETP804
  • Wisteria Violet ETP607
  • Pewter ETP704
  • Dark Gray ETP707
  • Silver ETP005
  • Pumpkin ETP126
  • Dark Fuschsia ETP107
  • Dark Brown ETP058
  • Blue ETP405
  • Brass ETP328
  • Carmine – a shade of red color ETP807
  • Teal Green ETP534
  • Royal Purple ETP869
  • Light Brown ETP323
  • Reddish Brown ETP337
  • Clay Brown ETP339


For use with: PE700, Innov-ís 4000DLTD, PE750D, PE700II, Entrepreneur PR650, PE770, PE780D, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e, Entrepreneur PR650e, PE500, HE1, Simplicity SB7050E, DreamMaker XE VE2200, Entrepreneur PR655, Designio DZ820E, THE Dream Machine Innov-ís XV8500D, Innov-ís NQ1400E, Simplicity by Brother SB7900E, PE540D, PE525, Persona PRS100, Simplicity SB8000, PE770TG, Innov-ís NS1150E, Innov-ís NS2750D, THE Dream Machine 2 Innov-ís XV8550D, Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X, PR670, NS1750D, NQ3600D, NQ1600E

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