Unleash Your Creativity with the Brother HLJF1 Printmoda Studio Fabric Printer

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  • Transform Your Crafting and Sewing Experience

    Unleash your artistic potential with PrintModa's revolutionary fabric printer that is fundamentally redefining the crafting journey. It's a creative powerhouse built for the contemporary crafter.

    PrintModa’s fabric printer enhances your creative journey with fast printing speeds, vibrant colors - A game-changer in today's crafting and sewing industry.

    PrintModa is not just a product, but a catalyst in the craft and sewing industry's transformation. Experience a new dawn of creativity with a machine that speaks your unique language of art and design.

    Print Custom Designs in Vibrant Color

    Bring your designs to life with PrintModa's vibrant color printing technology. This breakthrough feature allows printing of custom designs on fabric in deeply saturated, long-lasting colors.

    Create awe-inspiring crafts with vibrant hues using the PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer. Each print results in a rich and stunning color display that will certainly catch anyone's eye.

    PrintModa's specific color technology doesn't just ensure a vibrant output, but provides unmatched prints that remain bright and beautiful even after multiple washes.

    The opportunity to work with resplendent colors makes your creations unique and unrepeatable. The PrintModa brings a whole new level of vibrancy to the world of custom-designed fabric crafting.

    Choose from Two Print Settings

    With PrintModa, you have the liberty to adapt to your creative style by choosing between two distinct print settings. Whether you gravitate towards the rich color setting for vibrant prints, or lean towards the eco mode for lighter, more energy-efficient prints - PrintModa seamlessly accommodates your preferences.

    • Alter the print settings to reflect your personal style
    • Create vibrant prints with the rich color setting
    • Opt for energy-efficient prints with eco mode

    Integrate with the Artspira1 App

    Elevate your crafting experience with the perfect companion to your PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer with the groundbreaking Artspira1 Mobile App. Engage in a digital, interactive approach where you can edit text, switch images, and alter backdrops in template designs.

    By integrating with the Artspira1 app, PrintModa empowers crafters and sewing aficionados to bring their creative visions to life. The app's intelligent features allow you to customize a multitude of designs, including quilt blocks, photo frames, fabric patterns, and more.

    Welcome a new era of creativity with the union of PrintModa and Artspira1. This powerful integration sets the stage for endless possibilities, infusing your banners, home decor, quilting, and other crafting pieces with your personal touch and vibrant color.

    Wireless Connectivity for Creative Freedom

    Get ready for seamless and uninterrupted crafting with the PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer's exceptional wireless capabilities. Now, take your patterns and designs straight from your device to the printer, without a wired connection.

    Imagine having no boundaries to hamper your creativity. With PrintModa's wireless connectivity, you no longer have to center your crafting process around wires and physical connections - freeing you to explore endless design possibilities.

    Designed thoughtfully with the creative enthusiast in mind, the PrintModa printer leverages wireless technology for a convenient, cable-free crafting experience. Print from anywhere within your wireless network, broadening your creative workspace.

    Empower your imagination and liberate your creative prowess with PrintModa's rapid wireless connectivity. Regardless of where you're designing or sewing, PrintModa is always within your reach, primed to bring your colorful ideas to life on fabric.

    Fast Printing Speeds for Quick Custom Fabric Prints

    Bid farewell to the annoying wait-times of traditional crafting stores. PrintModa delivers unmatched quick printing speeds, so you can save precious time on your craft projects.

    Turn design into a reality like never before. The fast and efficient PrintModa makes the leap from concept to creation in mere minutes.

    Imagine owning a printer that not only meets your creative needs but also respects your schedule. That's precisely what you get with the speedy PrintModa.

    Running against the clock for a last-minute design? With PrintModa's impressive printing speed, you can create beautiful, custom fabric prints in minutes.

    You deserve a crafting tool that does not keep you waiting. Opt for PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer, combining speed and quality in one package, giving your creations the timely brilliance they deserve.

    Versatile Fabric Printer for All Kinds of Creations

    Unleash your design potential with PrintModa's versatile printing capabilities. From intricate patterns for home décor to vibrant banners, PrintModa turns your ideas into fabulous fabric prints.

    Do more with PrintModa! It delivers prints in both rich color and eco mode, perfectly catering to your creative whims and sustainable crafting needs.

    Imagine having the power to customize every fabric creation. As your ultimate tool, PrintModa navigates all your projects, from quilts to bags, effortlessly.

    Personalized creations are now a breeze with PrintModa. Transfer your own designs and texts to fabric using the distinctive Artspira1 App and unfold the magic on your fabric.

    Looking to express your unique style? PrintModa is the answer. Create authentic fabric prints fast and easy, making your crafting memories as vibrant as your ideas.

    High-Quality Inkjet Large Format Printer

    Experience vibrant, detailed designs with the premium Inkjet Large Format Printer from PrintModa. Boasting sharp, high-quality prints, it's a must-have tool in your crafting arsenal.

    Upgrade your craftsmanship, elevate your creativity! With PrintModa's Large Format Printer, your unique designs get an upper hand in precision and quality, transforming every piece into a masterpiece.

    Four Color Print Capability

    With PrintModa's powerful Four Color Print Capability, you can dramatically enhance your fabric creations. Maximize your color expression with this feature and watch as your designs spring to life with unmatched vibrancy and precision.

    Experience the explosion of colors with PrintModa's Four Color Print Capability. This feature ensures that every detail of your design showcases a rich spectrum of hues, adding a whole new dimension to your crafting and sewing projects.

    Wi-Fi Direct Wireless Print Technology

    Experience effortless crafting and sewing with PrintModa's state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Direct Wireless Print Technology. This functionality ensures a seamless connection, enabling you to create stunning fabric designs from any location in your house instantly.

    Step into the future with PrintModa's advanced wireless print technology. Its innovative wireless capabilities are designed to make your creative pursuits as seamless and efficient as possible. Start your crafting journeys today with PrintModa's wireless technology for ongoing and unobstructed artistic explorations.

    Compatible with Various Media Types and Sizes

    Design flexibility is a central feature of the PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer. It effortlessly adapts to various media types and sizes, offering limitless opportunities to expand your craft creations.

    • Designed to print on both fabric and banner materials.
    • Accommodates letter-sized media for optimum results.
    • Can print on a variety of fabric types such as silk, cotton, or synthetic.

    Convenient and User-Friendly Design

    The PrintModa design offers utmost convenience, tailored to the needs of the modern maker. With a compact desktop form factor, this high-quality inkjet printer fits seamlessly into your crafting space while providing top-notch printing services.

    Sewing and embroidery enthusiasts will find PrintModa’s user-friendly design perfect. Easy-to-use with PC platform support, it integrates seamlessly with your digital devises, making design editing and printing a breeze. This personalized printing experience fast-tracks your crafting process.

    Compact Desktop Form Factor

    Maximize your workspace with the innovative compact design of PrintModa. Outfitted efficiently to occupy minimal desk space, it blends seamlessly into your crafting area, keeping your creative environment clutter-free.

    The PrintModa offers more than just fantastic printing. Its ideal dimensions of 15.2" in height, 18.8" in width, and a depth of 22.7" make it a comfortable fit in your craft room.

    Considering its high-performing feature set, the PrintModa's relatively light weight of 47.62 lbs further adds to its compact advantage. Easy to move and rearrange, it complements your dynamic craft-related activities.

    The Brother PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer doesn't compromise functionality for size. Despite its compact desktop shape, it is packed with powerful features that let you leave a vibrant imprint on all fabric types crafted. Transform your sewing experience with this compact powerhouse at your disposal.

    Easy-to-Use PC Platform Support

    With the PrintModa Fabric Printer, Brother marries craft and technology. Use your PC to harness the complete creative control over your fabric printing projects. This printer's compatibility with the PC platform turns your workstation into a print studio.

    Spend less time in setup and more in creating. The PrintModa's PC platform support allows crafters to focus on their creations, lessening the technicalities of the printing process.

    PrintModa paves the way for effortless crafting. With its PC platform support, users can take advantage of familiar tools and interfaces, streamlining the crafting process.

    Forget about the steep learning curves of new devices. With the PC platform support, the PrintModa Fabric Printer is designed for easy use right out of the box.

    Included Package Contents

    Unveiling your PrintModa box paints the picture of a creative journey ahead, brimming with endless possibilities. The package contains the revolutionary PrintModa Fabric Printer, a printable cotton fabric roll measuring 11.6" x 1.4 yards, and a quartet of high-quality inkjet ink cartridges in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

    Diving in further, the robust and reliable PrintModa package offers more than meets the eye. Each element in the box, from the innovative printer to the vibrant ink, serves to fuel your creative endeavors, offering you a seamless and joyful crafting and sewing experience.

    PrintModa Fabric Printer

    Embark on a journey to vibrant craftsmanship with the PrintModa Fabric Printer by Brother. This innovative device stands out, delivering rich, striking colors with each print for brilliant banners, mesmerizing home decor, and much more.

    The PrintModa Fabric Printer is a game-changer, offering versatility and creativity in fabric printing. From built-in templates to personal designs, let this printer become your go-to solution for all your fabric printing needs, adding vibrancy and individuality to your projects.

    Printable Cotton Fabric Roll

    Unlock your fashion sense and dive into the world of innovative designs with PrintModa's printable cotton fabric roll. It gives you the freedom to create your own fashion trends.

    Print your custom designs directly on the printable cotton fabric roll provided with PrintModa. Each roll measures 11.6" x 1.4 yards to accommodate a variety of crafting projects.

    Cotton is the canvas of your creativity with PrintModa. With our fabric roll, let your imagination flow freely onto unique wearable art pieces.

    The printable cotton fabric roll is an essential tool for creating your personal fabric patterns with PrintModa. Design and print your own banners, decor, labels, and more.

    With the PrintModa fabric roll, you can enjoy the satisfaction of successfully executing your creative projects. Embrace the versatility of personal designs on quality cotton fabric.

    Inkjet Ink Cartridges

    With the PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer, high-quality inkjet ink cartridges offer superb print quality. These cartridges - black (LC406BKS), cyan (LC406CS), magenta (LC406MS), and yellow (LC406YS) - ensure vibrant, enduring impressions every time you print.

    • Black Inkjet ink (LC406BKS) for supremely deep and sharp prints
    • Cyan Inkjet ink (LC406CS) for impressively vivid blues and greens
    • Magenta Inkjet ink (LC406MS) for strikingly rich reds and pinks
    • Yellow Inkjet ink (LC406YS) for brilliantly bright and sunny yellows

    Two-Year Limited Warranty

    With the purchase of the PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer, your investment is secure, thanks to its Two-Year Limited Warranty. This warranty, provided by respected manufacturer Brother Industries, ensures peace of mind for all sewing enthusiasts.

    Designed to give you confidence in your crafting endeavors, the warranty covers any potential defects or problems you might encounter using this innovative device. PrintModa's two-year limited warranty is a testament to its outstanding durability and quality.

    • Comprehensive coverage for any defects or issues
    • Two years of protection
    • Guaranteed quality and durability of the PrintModa Studio Fabric Printer
    • Peace of mind for your investment
    • Backed by Brother Industries, a trusted name in sewing and crafting equipment

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