Innov-is 2800D Sewing & Embroidery Combo

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The Innov-is 2800D offers an oversized color LCD touch screen, a 10 inch x 6 inch embroidery area and precise stitching for all your sewing, quilting, and embroidery projects. The built-in dual USB ports allow you to connect your machine directly to your computer or access a variety of additional memory devices (not included). Newly added to the Innov-is 2800D is the Automatic Height Adjuster Feature where you can achieve perfectly formed stitches as you sew over varying fabric thicknesses. It is perfect for stitching quilts with varying fabric types, appliques or embellishments. Powerful on-screen editing features include layout, pattern rotation in 1 degree increments, mirror imaging and scaling. Select stitches, embroidery patterns, tutorials and more by simply touching the large color screen.