Juki LZ-391N 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine and Embroidering Sewing Machine

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  • Features:
    • The JUKI LZ-391N can be used in three different ways.
    • When this machine is used as embroidering machine, the zigzag width as large as 12mm and the sewing speed is as high as 1,700 s.p.m. When used as a zigzag stitch machine, the zigzag width is as large as 10mm and the sewing speed is as high as 2,000 s.p.m.
    • Furthermore, the JUKI LZ-391N can be used as a straight stitching machine capable of running at a speed of 2,000 s.p.m. by simply setting the zigzag width to 0.
    • It can be easily converted to an embroidering machine, a zigzag stitch machine or straight stitching machine.
    • To change from embroidering to zigzag stitching or vice-versa, all you need to do is install the throat plate exclusive for either function, and install/remove the needle plate and feed dog. This procedure can be carried out very easily.
    • The zigzag width and stitch length can be easily
    • The zigzag width is adjusted by raising/lowering the knee lifter using the knee. The stitch length is adjusted by moving the feed adjustment knob up/down by hand. This adjustment mechanism allows even the inexperienced operator to carry out adjustments without any difficulty and quickly,thereby enabling this machine to be used very easily.
    • Applications Embroidering and zigzag stitching light-, `medium- and heavy weight materials
    • Sewing Speed Max. 2,000 s.p.m. (for zigzag stitching with thezigzag width set at 10mm)
    • Max. 1,700 s.p.m. (for embroidering with the zigzag width set at 12 mm)
    • Thread take-up Link type, thread take-up
    • Needle bar stroke 33.4 mm
    • Needle DB X 1 #9 through # 16
    • Stitch Length Max. 5mm
    • Stitch length adjustment methods Moving the knob up/down
    • Zigzag width 0 through 12 mm
    • Zigzag width regulating method Using the knee lifter with the zigzag width pointer released. If you sew the product with
      the zigzag width fixed to a certain value, the pointer should be fixed to that value.
    • Lift of the presser foot Max. 8mm (with the presser foot lifting lever)
    • Installing the attachments The distance from the needle entry to the center of the needle bar is 22.2 mm. The
      attachments for an ordinary zigzag embroidering machine can be used with this machine.
    • Hook DB type, full-rotary
    • ( A hook using a patented lubricating method, and capable of using a thick thread
    • Lubrication Method Centralized lubrication system (using and oiler)
    • Material handling area on the machine 270 mm (from the needle entry to the bottom of the arm)

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