Juki MF-7200D Series Semi-dry-head, Small-cylinder-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

  • Semi-dry-head, Small-cylinder-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

    The sewing machine is applicable to the sewing of sleeve cuffs, necklines and children's wear.
    Small-cylinder-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine
    Semi-dry-head, small-cylinder-bed, top and bottom coverstitch machine has been added to JUKI's product lineup. The small cylinder-bed and semi-dry head features have been achieved while placing priority on ease of use. The sewing machine supports comfortable "sewing" work.

    This sewing machine is the world's first "dry head type" small cylinder-bed coverstitch machine. In the top and bottom coverstitch machine categories, the MF-7200D Series belongs to the small cylinder-bed category. This Series has achieved the smallest cylinder diameter within the category. With the MF-7200D, the hemming and covering of small tubular shape sewing products such as the "sleeve cuffs" of sportswear and ladies' cut and sewn garments and the "necklines" of children's wear can be carried out with ease, thereby improving the seam quality and increasing the sewing efficiency.


    • A world-first feature

      • The frame no longer requires oiling.
        Unlike the conventional models,  the oiling mechanism inside the frame has been eliminated. As a result, oil does not leak from the needle bar, presser bar or spreader shaft.
      • Dry-head technology has materialized a frame which does not need oiling.
        The needle bar mechanism and spreader mechanism have been applied with a special surface treatment. JUKI's unique special grease is used for lubrication. Grease-filled bearings have been adopted for the crank rod. These allow the machine's frame mechanism to demonstrate outstanding durability without being oiled.
      • Environmental consciousness
        Since oil stains on sewing products are reduced, the quantity of the use of stain remover generally used in sewing plants can be reduced.
        *Dichlorofluoromethane (HCFC-141), which is generally used in oil stain cleaning fluid, is included in those chemicals which need to be reduced, as it is a substances that can harm the ozone layer.


    Outer circumference of the cylinder section is 176 mm!

    The outer circumference of the cylinder section has been reduced to 176 mm. This allows the sewing machine to easily sew conventionally hard-to-sew small-in-diameter tubular parts such as the sleeve cuffs of sportswear and ladies' cut-and-sewn wear and the necklines of children's wear.
    * Outer circumference measured at the needle entry section of the small cylinder bed type sewing machine

    The sewing machine has been designed to achieve ease of use, placing the highest priority on easy handling and placement of the material on the sewing machine

    • The distance from the needle entry to the top end of the cylinder bed has been reduced to 36 mm, thereby facilitating the sewing and handling of the sharp curves of the armholes of children's wear.
    • The cylinder length from its top end to the root has been increased to 65 mm, thereby ensuring easier sewing of the long sleeve cuffs of sweat shirts.
    • Since the top end of the cylinder bed has been cut aslant, placement/removal of the material on/from the sewing machine is carried out with ease.
    • The front cover has been tilted and shifted to the right. As a result, the distance from the machine arm to the needle has been widened to increase ease of work.

    U10 Universal type (basic type)

    The machine can be used for the hemming process of the sleeves and bottoms of T-shirts and for the covering process for sportswear and knitwear. It is a basic one which can be used for a broader range of processes independently.
    The sewing machine supports hemming and covering (single-side bent and flattening) by the use of the guide supplied with the unit.



    K10 For covering

    This model is best sui ted to the covering processes for polo shirts, sportswear and knit outers, etc. The sewing machine has been provided as standard with an exclusive gauge (throat plate, feed dog) and guide for flattening.
    The sewing machine is also supplied with a guide for covering (folding over overlock seams) and a hemming guide (excluding the throat plate) as accessories.

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