Juki Model 783U Buttonhole Machine

  • Automatic button hole with size adjustments and can sew heavy-weight materials such as bulky knits.

    • 1 Needle industrial lockstitch sewing machine 
    • Automatic button hole with easy buttonhole size adjustment which further enhances ease of operation.
    • A newly introduced mechanism in the needle thread trimmer prevents interference with the positioning of buttonholes
    • The shape of the face plate is designed to provide sufficient clearance around the needle entry position 
    • The work clamp can be lifted as high as 12mm enabling the machine to make high-quality buttonholes in heavy-weight materials 
    • This machine is capable of sewing heavy-weight materials such as bulky knits
    • The pressure required to depress the start pedal and lifter pedal has been reduced which helps to dramatically reduce operator fatigue 
    • The knife mechanism and stop-motion mechanism produce less noise when they actuate, thus contributing to a more comfortable working environment 
    • Thanks to the simple design of the stop-motion mechanism and unique knife mechanism, the machine operates with low noise
    • Uses DP5 (#11J) needles

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