mySewnet Silver Embroidery Software: Create Stunning Designs with Ease

  • As a home sewer, you know that embroidery is an excellent way to add a creative, unique and intricate designs to your sewing projects. However, creating these designs can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have access to the right software. That's where mySewnet Silver Embroidery Software comes in.

    Designed for use with the Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff embroidery machines, mySewnet Embroidery Software is the sixth generation of our embroidery software, and decades of development have made it one of the most advanced embroidery softwares of its kind. With mySewnet Silver, you can create stunning embroidery designs with ease, no matter your skill level.

    One of the most impressive features of mySewnet Silver is its user-friendly entry level interface. The editing software capabilities are easy to use, even if you're new to embroidery. The intuitive interface lets you take control of your designs, from choosing your colors to selecting your stitch types.

    mySewnet embroidery software works on both PC and MAC. You can choose to have one registration for each computer, if you want.

    When you purchase this software, you will not need a subscription to mySewnet. This is a perpetual subscription with no monthly fees.


    Basic operations:

    Open and manipulate embroidery designs in your hoop with these essential features.

    • Copy and paste elements
    • Rotate, flip and center your Design
    • Change thread colors
    • Print a template
    • Use thread Cache to build custom thread lists
    • Build embroidery fonts With QuickFont, using the TrueType fonts installed on your computer.
    • Export the finished Design in a wide range of embroidery formats.

    Design adjustment:

    Alter and adjust your design with a handy collection of tools.

    • Align and resize
    • Group elements in the hoop
    • Change elements' layout order
    • Change colors to a different thread range
    • See a realistic preview of the design with LifeView
    • Watch the design stitch out in the Design Player


    Choose from 245 different fonts or create your own.

    • Add text to your design
    • Choose from 35 shape templates
    • Use handles to adjust the shape of the lettering
    • Adjust the stitch properties of each font

    Split Project:

    Split large designs into smaller sections to fit the size of your hoop with this wizard.

    • Divide your design into sections and export as separate stitch files
    • Add alignment stitches to help match up sections when re-hooping
    • Print templates to assist with stitching the design

    Frames, Broders & Flourishes:

    Easily put a frame or border around your embroidery design.

    • Choose from over 650 frames and flourishes in a wide variety of styles
    • Use the border and motif underline tools to create simple borders using satin, triple or motif stitches


    Place repeating copies of embroideries in a line, circle, shape or around the edges of your hoop.

    • Create exact or mirrored copies
    • Adjust the number of copies, margin or gap
    • Preview the results and adjust as desired then finalize the Encore design
    • Choose from eight line styles with Encore-to-Line
    • Select from 50 different shapes with Encore-to-Shape





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