Pfaff expression 720 Special Edition

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  • The Pfaff Expression 720 sewing machine blends sophisticated technology with exceptional ease of use to deliver a seamless sewing experience. This machine is equipped with a high-resolution, full-color touch screen that simplifies stitch selection and adjustment, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced sewists. The extensive sewing space, nearly 10 inches to the right of the needle, accommodates larger projects, such as quilting or working with bulky materials. Key features such as the Original IDT™ System ensure even fabric feed from both the top and bottom, resulting in precise, professional-quality stitches on a variety of fabrics.

    Advanced functionalities of the Pfaff Expression 720 set it apart in the realm of creative sewing. It includes an exclusive accessory kit with five specialized feet that enhance its versatility for various techniques, including invisible zippers, piping, and appliqué. The machine boasts 428 built-in stitches, including unique Maxi Stitches up to 52mm wide, and innovative Pfaff stitch techniques like floating stitches and ribbon stitches. The Stitch Creator™ feature allows users to modify existing stitches or create new ones, offering limitless possibilities for custom designs and personal touches.

    Designed for efficiency and precision, the Pfaff Expression 720 ensures optimal performance with features like self-adjusting tension that automatically sets the best tension for different sewing techniques and fabrics. The machine also includes three free-motion modes to cater to specific needs like quilting and thread painting. With a robust speed control system, automatic thread cutting, and a needle threader, this machine streamlines sewing tasks, making complex projects more manageable and enjoyable. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, the Pfaff Expression 720 is designed to enhance your sewing capabilities and inspire creativity in every stitch.




  • Poise And Precision
    Elegant functionality is delivered with poise and precision. Discover the depth and harness the artful ability of this sophisticated machine.


    PFAFF® Color Touch Screen
    Get all the sewing information you need directly on a beautiful, high-resolution color touch screen that measures 70mm x 53mm (3.5").


    Large Sewing Space
    The sewing area to the right of the needle is nearly 10” (250mm), great for sewing large amounts of fabric or batting.


    The Original IDT™ System
    Original since 1968. The Integrated Dual Feed from PFAFF® precisely feeds all types of fabric from top and bottom for perfect stitching every time.


    Exclusive Accessory Kit
    Exclusive Accessory Kit with five bonus feet: Narrow Edge Foot for IDT system; Invisible Zipper Foot; Piping Foot; Couching/ Braiding Foot for IDT System; and Open Toe Appliqué Foot for IDT System.


    Exclusive PFAFF® Stitch Techniques
    World class, unique and advanced stitch techniques for sophisticated designs: floating stitches, triple, double and single ribbon stitches, and stacking stitches.


    Stitch Creator™
    Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.


    Creative Signature™
    Create unique stitch designs by customizing stitch density, positioning, tapering, mirroring, repeats and more. Patchwork and Twin Needle programs included.


    Self-Adjusting Tension
    Best tension is set automatically for all sewing techniques and fabrics. Override automatic tension easily for specialty techniques.


    Large Number of Stitches
    Impressive selection of 428 high quality stitches and exclusive stitch techniques – unique embellishments and Maxi Stitches up to 52mm wide for endless creativity.


    3 Free-Motion Modes
    Select from 3 modes for free-motion quilting, thread painting or darning. Feed teeth drop automatically once the preferred mode is chosen.

  • Included Accessories:

    • Standard presser foot 0A with IDT™

    • Fancy stitch foot 1A with IDT™

    • Fancy stitch foot 2A

    • Blindhem foot 3 with IDT™

    • Zipper foot 4 with IDT™

    • Sensormatic buttonhole foot 5A

    • Manual buttonhole foot 5M

    • Sensormatic free-motion foot 6A

    • Maxi stitch foot 8

    • 1/4" Piecing Foot

    • Straight Stitch Plate

    • Electronic Knee-Lift

    • Soft Cover


    Exclusive Accessory Kit with five bonus feet:


    • Narrow Edge Foot for IDT system

    • Invisible Zipper Foot

    • Piping Foot

    • Couching/ Braiding Foot for IDT System

    • Open Toe Appliqué Foot for IDT System

  • # Stitches



    Max Stitch Width

    9 mm


    Max Stitch Length

    6 mm


    # Sewing Fonts



    Sewing Space (Needle to Tower)

    250 mm


    Screen Size

    8,9 cm Diagonal (3,5")


    Needle Threader



    Needle Up Down



    Thread Cutter

    Auto Snip


    Speed Control



    Max Sewing Speed

    1050 stitches/min


    IDT™ System



    Start Stop Button



    Automatic Presser Foot Lift



    Automatic Feed Dog Drop



    Electronic Knee Lift



    Bobbin Thread Sensor



    Thread Tension



    Straight Stitch Needle Plate Sensor



    Side Motion



    Stitch Sequencing



    Stitch Tapering



    # Included Accessories


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