Sew Steady Tables

Table Sizes: Junior 11.5"x15"
Sale price$ 89.00 Regular price$ 109.00
  • All Sew Steady Tables are made to order to fit a specific machine. They’re made out of high-quality acrylic and come with the following features: Rounded front edge for comfort, use it as a light box and easy underneath storage, permanent inches & metric ruler printed on underside of table. Accessories sold separately.

    *Please note: Junior Tables not available for flatbed sewing machines, the Singer® Featherweight 221 or any serger machine. Machines with sewing surfaces larger than 13″ may also have limitations, feel free to reach out to us to discuss.

    11.5"X15", 4 LEGS, 12" RULER

    18"X24" 5 LEGS, 18" RULER PRINTED

    24"X24" 7 LEGS, 18" RULER PRINTED

    24"X32" 10 LEGS, 2X 18" CLING
    RULERS & BEVEL FRONT (Giant Tables come with 2 cling rulers to attach)


    Investing in a Sew Steady acrylic extension table is a game-changer for your sewing machine setup. These high-quality acrylic tables not only provide a sturdy and expansive workspace but also offer unique features that enhance your sewing projects. The transparent design doubles as a light box, perfect for tracing patterns and working on intricate designs, while the permanent inches and metric ruler ensures precise measurements every time.

    Whether you choose the compact Junior size for smaller projects or the Giant size for the most expansive workspace, each table is designed for maximum stability with the appropriate number of legs. The added comfort of the rounded front edge and the convenience of easy underneath storage make Sew Steady tables a must-have for any serious sewer. Elevate your sewing experience with a Sew Steady acrylic extension table and enjoy the benefits of enhanced precision, organization, and comfort in every project.


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