Sullivans Sewing Furniture Combo 12570 Hobby Cutting Table PLUS 12575 Sewing Machine Cabinet

Sale price$ 269.99


The 12575 sewing table folds up into a 19" x 22" space making it a great product for a sewer with limited space. This portable table is 30 inches high, with drawers that
extend up to 10 inches allowing space to keep all of your sewing supplies.


EXTENDED: 49" L x 19" W x 30" H

FOLDED: 22" L x 19" W x 30" H

WEIGHT: 76 lbs


The 12570 hobby table at 36 inches is perfect for standing, or sitting on a stool while you work. Constructed for a long lifespan and easy cleaning with a laminate surface,
and a metal frame that collapses for easy storage.

EXTENDED: 36" L x 59" W x 35" H

HALF: 36" L x 36" W x 35" H

FOLDED: 36" L x 13" W x 35" H

WEIGHT: 57 lbs


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