Tajima Barudan Embroidery Machine Parts 50 pcs Japan Genuine SC35-NS Koban Bobbin case


  • SC35-NS
  • Use for Tajima embroidery machine TEJT,TFGN,TFKN,TFMX,TMCE,TMLH
  • Use for Barudan BEDR,BEDT, BEDX,ELITE
  • High quality packing with single bag made in Japan

Product information

Tajima Barudan embroidery machine parts 50 pcs Japan genuine SC35-NS Koban bobbin case
1.Koban is a popular name for hooks in this industry
3.Standard/L size
4.Model SC35-NS
5.The Koban bobbin case fits Tajima, Barudan, Happy, Toyota, SWF, Melco, and other embroidery machines

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