The Martelli Longarm Bella Prima

Sale price$ 21,999.99


The Martelli Bella Prima Longarm Quilting Machine—Fit For You! 


Sit or stand - it’s up to you with our exclusive electric leg lifts.

• No braces or framework underneath the machine means freedom of access

• Machine may be placed near the wall; there is no need to walk behind or around it

• Standard frame length is 11 feet; but customization allows you to pick the frame length that best meets your space needs.

• Talk to us about combining the longarm with one of our work stations to create a completely customized quilting experience

The Frame--Our patented frame is the infrastructure

• Panels are engineered from high density material for incredible durability

• Patented, quick-release, spring-loaded poles for fabric source and uptake rollers

• This frame system—side panels and overhead rail—provides the suspension for your machine

• The first frame to be featuring electric leg lifts for combining adjustability with quiet, smooth operation

• Four-inch wheels allow for easy movement and positioning of frame; wheels lock solidly to keep frame in place

• Patented infinite adjustment clutch system means easy adjustment of fabric on the leaders

• Height adjustability allows operator to stand or sit

• Frame is easily adjustable for wheelchair accessibility

• Adjustable height allows leveling on each side

• High quality materials

• Easy assembly and maintenance

Patented Overhead Rail System

• The overhead rail system is the keystone of the suspension and the infrastructure of our machine

• Features seamless precision-extruded, high quality aluminum beams

• This non-corroding, lightweight aluminum has smooth powder-coat finish

• The rails suspend the weight of machine to a smooth and easily controlled feather-lightness

• Eases operation and reduces stress on the operator for more time stitching

• Overhead rail suspension eliminates bulky tracks beneath your work area

• Replaces lower rails/belt systems with a convenient, practical alternative

• No worries about cleaning lower tracks and rails of dust and lint

• Achieves the utility and benefits of our Work Stations by using the same basic structure and materials

It’s All About the Stitch. . .

• A full 21-inch throat and 11-inch neck for lots of room

• Dual foot pedal for up/down needle function

• Easy up/down needle positioning

• Speed setting of 50 - 3000 per minute

• Gear-driven bobbin for accurate, precise timing

• Patented Martelli Kwik-Spin Thread Dispenser built in to reduce breakage and tension problems

Financing & Warranties

• SYNCHRONY Financing Available

• 5 year warranty on mechanical parts

• 1 year warranty on electric parts

• 1 year warranty on in-store service

Call the office to place an order with one of our longarm reps.

Please call for any additional information.


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