Tippmann Boss AR LIGHT LED Light for the Boss Leather Sewing Machine

Sale price$ 24.99


LED Lamp for the Tippmann Boss.

The Boss Light installs in less than one minute.

The base of the light is magnetic, which attaches to the frame of the Boss just above needle, allowing the user to better see the needle and thread as it passes through the material.

The light base has a 5 foot cord that plugs into the switch, which can be mounted in a convenient location on the ';?>Tippmann Cobbler Bench with the provided wood screws. There is an additional 5 feet of cord from the switch to the wall.

It is compatible with all models of the Tippmann Boss and Aerostitch.

The newer style Boss requires the included bracket which uses the front cover bolt to mount. 

Works with the Boss Leather Stitcher Sewing Machine 

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