Brother Entrepreneur One PR1X Embroidery Machine

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  • Brother PR1X Embroidery Machine

    Jumpstart your embroidery business with the Brother PR1X Embroidery Machine, a potent combination of creativity, versatility, and superior technology.

    Discover endless creative possibilities with the Brother PR1X Embroidery Machine - an ideal companion for your embroidering adventures.

    Unleash Your Creativity

    Explore the endless possibilities with the Entrepreneur One PR1X. It's a machine designed for hobbyists ready to leverage their skills for a profitable embroidery business.

    Thanks to its state-of-the-art features, the Entrepreneur One PR1X serves as a seamless bridge between hobby embroidering and professional craftsmanship.

    Transition your passion to a thriving venture with Brother's Entrepreneur One PR1X. Offering single-needle versatility and myriad design options, this machine fuels your creativity and embroiders your road to success.

    Versatile Embroidery Options

    Forge a new path in embroidering with Entrepreneur One PR1X's single needle versatility. Effortlessly create intricate projects on caps, sleeves, bags, and beyond, thanks to the machine's free arm embroidery.

    • Embroiders effortlessly on unique articles including caps, sleeves, and bags
    • Large 8" x 12" embroidery area allows for creation of intricate designs
    • Allows quick change of thread with the automatic needle threading system
    • Free arm embroidery function provides easy access to those hard to reach areas

    Easy-to-Use Design Features

    Unleash your creativity in embroidery with the Brother PR1X's 495 built-in designs and an array of funky fonts. The machine's compatibility with iBroidery1 further expands your scope for artistic expression.

    • Over 495 built-in embroidery designs to choose from
    • An array of funky fonts including 25 regular-sized fonts, 4 small fonts, a super small font, 2 Cyrillic fonts, and a super cool 3D font
    • iBroidery1 compatibility, offering access to a generous library of over 5,000 designs for further creative inspiration

    Advanced Technology

    The technological prowess of the Brother PR1X embroidery machine beckons sewing enthusiasts to immersive experiences. It's a seamless confluence of advanced functionalities aiding you in translating creative visions into tactile realities.

    Unveil your creative expanse with state-of-the-art features of Brother PR1X. Precision crosshair accuracy, automatic needle threading, and ample workspace cater to your needs, crafting a streamlined embroidery environment right at your fingertips.

    Precision Crosshair 2-Point Positioning Laser

    Aim for perfection with the Brother Entrepreneur One PR1X's Crosshair 2-Point Positioning Laser. This feature guarantees accurate placement every time, lighting up your fabric so you can see exactly where the needle will drop.

    • Guaranteed accuracy with Brother's Crosshair 2-Point Laser
    • Pinpoint precision for flawless embroidery every time
    • Light-guided placement for confident stitching

    Automatic Needle Threading System

    Spend less time threading and more time creating with the Brother PR1X's Automatic Needle Threading System. This transformative feature turns the otherwise tedious threading task into a blink-and-miss-it operation.

    • Efficient design speeds up needle threading process
    • Completely automatic - doesn't require manual effort
    • Free up more time for your embroidery projects
    • Easily interchangeable threads with minimal downtime

    Generous Workspace for Large Projects

    The Brother PR1X Embroidery Machine affords versatility for all your creative ventures with its expansive 8" x 12" workspace. This generous space lets you manage bigger, more intricate projects, ensuring no design is ever too ambitious for this machine.

    • Abundant 8" x 12" workspace supports diverse design scope
    • Ideal for ambitious large-scale projects
    • Ensures intricate stitching for larger designs

    Wide Range of Designs and Fonts

    With the PR1X, a vast array of designs and fonts are right at your fingertips. Navigate expansively through 495 built-in embroidery designs and diverse font styles for every project.

    Diversify your embroidery with PR1X's awe-inspiring design and font range, from stylish wildlife motifs and funky alphabet styles to traditional appliqués or even 3D lettering.

    Built-in Embroidery Designs

    Art and innovation meet in the Entrepreneur One PR1X, offering an astounding 495 built-in embroidery designs. Defined by creativity and modernity, this selection caters to every embroidery enthusiast, reflecting the beautiful merger of style and substance.

    Providing a combination of quality and quantity that is hard to match, the Entrepreneur One PR1X offers you a stunning variety of 495 embroidery designs. Indulge in the diverse range and create everything from wildlife motifs to traditional appliqués.

    The vast compilation of 495 embroidery designs in the Entrepreneur One PR1X is a testament to versatility. With modern to funky patterns and everything in between, it gives you endless options to explore and express your creativity.

    Funky and Fun Built-in Fonts

    Never let your projects lack personality. The Brother PR1X Embroidery Machine comes with an eclectic mix of funky fonts. Making craftsmanship even more fun, each stitch pulsates with vitality.

    Your embroidery work never had it so creative. Brother PR1X offers everything from regular to small and super small fonts, Cyrillic and even a 3D font. Give your designs a twist that can only be PR1X.

    Liberate your imagination with a playful array of funky fonts. Whether it's for quilting or monogramming, the Brother PR1X Embroidery Machine ensures your handiwork stands out.

    Seamless Connectivity

    Ignite your imagination with the Brother PR1X's seamless iBroidery1 compatibility, giving you instant access to over 5,000 designs for endless creative possibilities.

    With iBroidery1 compatibility, breeze through your embroidery designs effortlessly on the Brother PR1X and take your sewing projects to new creative heights.

    iBroidery1 Compatibility

    Levelling up your creative range becomes effortless with the PR1X's iBroidery1 compatibility. Tap into a cosmos of over 5,000 unique and inspiring designs to enhance your embroidery projects.

    Make use of iBroidery1, a generous online library of designs right at your fingertips with the Entrepreneur One PR1X. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to boundless creative expression.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Brighten up your embroidery experience with Brother PR1X's customizable LED lighting, revel in the clarity of colors, and banish shadows from your workspace.

    Brother's PR1X Embroidery Machine ushers you into an era of effortless operation, thanks to an intuitive color LCD touchscreen and a vast library of readily available online tutorials.

    Bright and Customizable LED Lighting

    Illuminate your work with the Brother PR1X's bright and customizable LED lighting. This efficient lighting system ensures the colors of your projects appear truly vibrant, casting virtually no shadows for precise and meticulous embroidery.

    Never strain your eyes or compromise on the visibility of your projects. Brother PR1X's powerful LED lights brighten up your workspace, allowing you to easily see the intricate details of your designs.

    Regardless of the time or condition of your work environment, Brother PR1X's LED lighting system can be adjusted to your comfort. From dim lighting for late-night projects to bright light for complex designs, you are in absolute control.

    Intuitive Color LCD Touchscreen Display

    Navigating through embroidery designs is a breeze with the Entrepreneur One PR1X's 7.0" high-definition LCD touchscreen. Large defined icons, thumbnail size selector, color navigation, and scroll menu make design selection simple and precise.

    Empower your creativity with the Entrepreneur One PR1X's intuitive color LCD touchscreen. On-screen editing to letter inputs, everything is at your fingertips. The display's swipe capability offers a smooth and interactive designing experience.

    Expandable Library of Online Tutorials

    Harness the full power of your Entrepreneur One PR1X with our vast library of online tutorials. Available 24/7, these comprehensive guides empower you to explore and master your machine's capabilities, ensuring seamless, effortless embroidering at your fingertips.

    In the world of on-demand learning, Brother outfoxes the competition with the PR1X's online tutorials. Whether you're refreshing your skills or exploring new ones, this invaluable resource helps you perfect your craft, any time of the day, every day.

    Efficiency and Convenience

    Maximize your creativity with Brother PR1X's in-built time-saving features. The Vertical Bobbin allows for easy bobbin replacements without hoop removal, while the Side Bobbin winder lets you spin a new bobbin even when the machine is embroidering.

    Embrace convenience with the automated thread sensor and adaptable speed control. Supported by an AC power source, the Brother PR1X ensures continuous, unstoppable embroidery, lining up your trajectory from hobby-lover to home business.

    Time-Saving Bobbin Features

    Experience rapid productivity like never before with the PR1X's time-saving bobbin features. You can embroider more and spend less time preparing the machine.

    The side bobbin winder on the PR1X embodies productivity, allowing you to wind a new bobbin even while the machine is still embroidering - a considerable time saver in your embroidery process.

    Changing bobbins can be a hassle, but not with the PR1X's vertical bobbin, eliminating the need to remove the hoop during changes. This unique attribute of the PR1X redefines productivity, guarantees smoother operations, and allows continuous work flow devoid of interruptions.

    Automatic Thread Sensor

    Thread like never before with the PR1X's automatic thread sensor. This innovative feature saves you vital time by eliminating trial-and-error; providing a seamless experience for your creative pursuits.

    The Brother PR1X takes the guesswork out of threading, thanks to its intelligent automatic thread sensor. Now you can focus on what matters most - your embroidery projects.

    The automatic thread sensor is just one of the remarkable features that sets the PR1X apart. It consistently monitors thread feed, alerting you of any issues, so you can sew with confidence.

    Variable Speed Control

    The Brother PR1X Embroidery Machine puts the control in your hands with variable speed control. This feature allows you to manage the stitching speed to suit your project and comfort level precisely.

    With the PR1X, you can cruise at your own embroidering speed. Whether you're working on a complicated design or a beginner just getting your bearings, this feature gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace.

    AC Power Source for Continuous Embroidery

    Experience the freedom of endless creativity as the PR1X Embroidery Machine from Brother remains plugged in, powering your embroidery journey continuously. The machine's robust AC power source ensures a ceaseless, mesmerizing crafting experience.

    Embrace the efficiency and flawless operation of the PR1X's reliable power supply. It guarantees an uninterrupted flow of creativity, making the PR1X a constant companion in your embroidering adventures.

  • In the Box Image

    Package Contents:
    • Entrepreneur One PR1X Single-Needle Embroidery Machine

    • Accessory case

    • Needle set

    • Prewound bobbin × 5

    • Metal bobbin × 3

    • Spool net × 4

    • Seam ripper

    • Scissors

    • Tweezers

    • Touch pen

    • Needle changing tool (Threader)

    • Needle plate cover (* Keep this accessory in a safe place

    • as you may need it when using optional accessories)

    • Phillips screwdriver

    • Standard screwdriver

    • Allen screwdriver

    • 3-way screwdriver

    • Wrench

    • Oiler

    • Cleaning brush

    • Weight (L)

    • Weight (S)

    • Spool mat × 4

    • Spool cap × 4

    • USB cable

    • Embroidery frame (extra-large) 300 mm (W) × 200 mm (H)

    • (approx. 11-3/4 inches (W) × 7-7/8 inches (H))

    • Embroidery frame (medium) 100 mm (W) × 100 mm (H)

    • (approx. 4 inches (W) × 4 inches (H))

    • Embroidery sheet (extra-large) 300 mm (W) × 200 mm (H)

    • (approx. 11-3/4 inches (W) × 7-7/8 inches (H))

    • Embroidery sheet (medium) 100 mm (W) × 100 mm (H)

    • (approx. 4 inches (W) × 4 inches (H))

    • Embroidery Frame Holder A

    • Embroidery Frame Holder B

    • Operation Manual

    • Quick Reference Guide

    • Embroidery Design Guide

    • Power cord

    • Bobbin case (on machine)

    • Threader hook

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