Brother NEXIO Lockstitch S7300A -1-Needle Drop Feed- Fully Automatic- Automatic Foot Lift- Refurbished/Trade in

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    The S-7300A is driving a new era of sewing technology as one of the first lockstitch sewing machines with an Electronic Feed Control directly connected with a stepping motor.

    Main Features

    • Reduction of Disposition of Thread Ends This minimizes the bird's nest sewing start and short remaining thread to a minimum of 3mm.
    • The Electronic Feed Control is directly connected to the stepping motor The horizontal feeding system is one of the first systems computerized for a single lock stitch sewing machine. The feed motion can be changed with one touch of a button to provide the best sewing quality for various materials. Also, the sewing stitch length can be digitalized, stabling the stitches.
    • Design Stitch for a New Value Proposition Thanks to the digitalized feeding system, you can change the stitch length on the same seam by the program control.
    • LED Light Equipped as Standard Both sides of the LED handy light are equipped for better operation, preventing shadows on the garment. The brightness can be adjusted on the panel.
    • Clogging at cross-over seam reduction Automatic material thickness sensor detects the thickness while sewing helping to reduce clogging at cross-over seam and needle breakage.
    • Clean Sewing with Minimum Lubrication System You can choose minimum lubrication system or semi-dry type. Oil leakage from the needle bar area can be prevented, resulting in clean sewing and stain free garments.
    • Needle Breakage Prevention Function is Enhanced The needle breakage prevention function which prevents the needle breakage when reverse stitching is carried out with the actuator switch. Also, with the electronic feed control, the needle breakage while sewing is prevented.
    • The New Hook Enhances Sewing Capability for a Wide Range of Materials The new hook which improves the thread cast off enables the expansion of the sewing range and capability for medium materials.

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