Consew Model 366-30


    Great for sewing various kinds of leather, synthetic, vinyl, canvas and working on large pieces.  The zig-zag operation is particularly suited for the production of sails, tents, tarpaulins & leather goods.


    • Straight Stitch up to 10mm stitch length
    • Zig-Zag: 1-step, 2-step & 3-step operation
    • Control cams for 1-step and 3-step zig-zag included
    • Fast conversion to different stitches and needle sizes
    • Stitch control cams, hook, bobbin and shuttle race     can be easily
    •  accessed by loosening a knurled nut
    • Large transverse shuttle hook and bobbin
    • Bobbin winder on top of machine head
    • Presser foot lift up to 20 mm
    • Large handwheel for increased sew-through capability
    • Coordinated foot pressure and foot lift for easy control
    • Push-button control for intermittent tacking and ½ stitch needle adjustment
    • Permanently lubricated roller bearings for long life
    • Needle guard and bar designed for sewing safety when using very thick threads
    • Optional top and bottom puller feed available


    Number of Needles 1 (Single)
    Feeding Mechanism Drop Feed
    Workspace Long Arm
    Standard or Full Function Standard Functions
    Stitch Length 10mm
    Work Space 760mm x 175mm
    Needle Bar Stroke 50.8mm
    Lubrication Manual
    Sewing Speed 600 rpn
    Thread Take-Up Stroke 96mm
    Shuttle Hook KSP-204N
    Needle Size DY x 3 25#
    Presser Foot By Hand 13mm
    Lift Height By Knee 20mm
    Motor 750W Clutch Motor
    Zig-Zag Stitch Width 0-12mm

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