Filmoplast 650-100 Peel and Stick Stabilizer- 39" X 27 Yd Roll

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Filmoplast™ is a self-adhesive, non-woven backing that can be used for embroidery on hoops, continuous border frames, and small items on embroidery machines. No clamping devices or spray adhesives are needed with this product. Simply peel off the protective paper and attach the garment to the sticky side. This embroidery backing is also great for larger jobs and works well with Durkee Cap Frames and Durkee EZ Frames. Color Name: White Country of Origin: Germany Hand Weight: Light Manufacturer: Gunold Ounces: 1.5 Put Up: Roll Removal Method: Tear-Away Temporary or Permanent: Temporary Width: 39 in. Yardage: 27.


Brand: Filmoplast

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