Hooptech 599775 T-Bar Adjustable Framing Guage For PR600, 620, 655, 1000, PRS100


The EMS / Hoop Tech T-BAR framing gage is the first step to properly framing up a finished cap.

The T-BAR Framing Gage featuring the exclusive T-Bar Tensioning Arm, allowing the embroiderer to stretch the front panels of the cap against the top of the gage so that when the cap is clamped by the cap frame it is held in the ideal position for sewing.

The framing gage with its lever arm, gives the cap framer a 10 to 1 mechanical advantage when getting the cap to lay flat before sewing.

This saves a great deal of energy when framing up large orders.

Only Hoop Tech has the patented Tensioning Arm.

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